Forgive and Forget - Oil on canvas - 76 x 61 cm


The Promise - Oil on canvas - 60 x 46 cm

About the artist

Gerrit was born on the 2nd January 1953 in Klerksdorp and matriculated in Barberton. He studied at the University of Pretoria, and with further study at the University of South Africa he gained his honours in art history.  He also obtained his FPSSA Fellowship in photography.

Gerrit’s career as professional artist spans over 50 years and he has held large exhibitions in America, Israel and all over South Africa. The artist has had the privilege to exhibit with great artists like Zakkie Eloff, Dino Paravano, Mel Brigg, Lee Voight and many other. Sotheby’s auctioneers have sold some of Gerrit’s artwork.  Gerrit became known through his distinctive handling of water colour, as well as his oil paintings of the Sossusvlei in the Namib.  Gerrit’s oil paintings are strong with the use of strong lines and earthy colours. Because the artist regularly visits the Namib, Etosha and the Kalahari, his artwork highlights his knowledge of the veld, especially the dessert.  Gerrit depicts the dessert either at dawn or sundown with strong contrasting colours. He strongly believes in the fact that you can’t paint something that you have no knowledge about.  His water colours are clean and transparent, and he achieves great depth and atmosphere in his work. What make his works so powerful is the simplicity thereof as well as his use of colours. He also makes use of the paper’s texture to make his works more striking.  Gerrit is also one of the firsts artists to paint bushveld scenes on rough rice paper. The Parks Board and the previous government purchased these art works.

You can’t paint something that you have no knowledge about.

- Gerrit Pitout

What makes this artist’s work so different is that boredom never features and that his work is commercial in nature. His work is also unique; there is never any duplication of paintings.

Even though Gerrit is an expressionistic painter, he was the designer of the school emblem for Laeveld Primary School as well as that of the old Nelspruit Technical College.

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